Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teaching Private Classes-Could you do it?

This week, I taught my last workshop for the summer. I can't tell you how blessed I am to be able to do something I love, and inspire children at the same time. I'm also very exhausted! This summer, I taught over 15 three/four day workshops-every week of the summer except one, to over 100 kids! Sometimes teaching twice a day.  It's really the first summer I've done continual workshops, and I learned so much. I did have help-Anja DeWitt assisted me every step of the way, and I couldn't have done such a grueling schedule without her. I also had Lauren Worthington, a recent LRCA graduate, assist us and do an amazing job!

Ms. Anja
I was also blessed to be able to teach this summer at the Chenal Gallery thanks to Arkansas Artist, Heike Talbert. What an amazing atmosphere! If you have not visited the Gallery yet, you need to stop in and see some amazing art, plus you can enjoy some pampering while you're there at Allie M Salon, which is located in the front of the gallery. The children had a great place to take breaks, chase chickens, and also view real life examples of landscape, abstract, portrait and still life art by some amazing artists.

I will be taking the rest of August and most of September off from teaching and blogging, so I can try to paint some myself. I have several commission paintings to complete, as well as my entry to the Arkansas League of Artists Fall Show. I will be doing some Santa workshops in the fall, as well as teaching some homeschool workshops. You can keep up with me during my break by following me on facebook.

Featured artists for the month of August at the Starving Artist Cafe in North Little Rock

 I have had so many emails this summer from artists around the country who have questions about starting their own art business, that I'm considering writing an Ebook this fall. I'm so flattered and excited that I have inspired some of you, and would love to be able to offer you more of what I have learned over the past six years of building my own art business.

Sheryl in Michigan said,
"Thank you for being my inspiration to do the workshop for kids."

I had a facebook comment this week that made my day. Sheryl with Essa Arts in Michigan said that I had inspired her to teach a children's painting workshop this summer! I would love to be able to share what I've learned with more of you. How great would it be would to be able to share your love of art with children, inspire them to create, and earn an income while doing it! It's so easy, and so much fun!

If this is something you would be interested in, I would love to have your questions and feedback to help me compile the information you would like to see in an ebook.

Blessings and see you in the fall!


Mary said...

Congrats to you Stacy! That's an amazing accomplishment! I've taught about half that on my "home" turf. I also feel so blessed to be able to do something I am so passionate about.I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and have some inspired art time for yourself! :D

Debbie said...

I love your blog and inspired by what you can get the kids to do. A year ago I started teaching kids art out of my studio. I'm just curious, and you don't have to answer if your not comfortable, but I'm just curious on how much do you charge for your workshops?


The Creative Journey said...

I always look forward to reading your blog and would love if you would share your expertise about running your own workshops. Do you do it from your home and do you have additional insurance? I do art classes thru the school I teach at after school but would love to do a summer program on my own. I would snap up a book on this subject in an instant!

Lesley Manning said...

I would love to read your ebook when you finish!! Have you ever thought about holding a class just for art teachers or people wanting to teach art classes? I would be the first to sign up! I live in eastern Oklahoma so I'd be willing to come to Little Rock for a few days to learn some tips!

Sleepyhead Designs Studio said...

Leslie-my goal is to have my ebook done by the end of the summer, so I think I better get that done first :) Be glad to answer any questions you have though.

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