Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Artist Copy Cats

Just finished up another week of art camp! This week was the "Copy Cat" Painting Workshop, where some of my older and more advanced students copied paintings from some of history's most famous and influential artists. I'll be posting more detail and pictures from these classes, one artist at a time, in the up- coming weeks.

It turned out to be a very artistically challenging week as students really focused on painting what you see, instead of painting what you "think" you see, or just what you "want" to paint. We encouraged students to pay attention to details like lines, shapes, value, brush work, composition and negative and positive space. We also learned some interesting facts about each artist. They did an outstanding job on all their paintings!


Mary said...

Those Van Gogh sunflowers are Spectacular! Wish I could sit in on a class to learn your secrets. :)

Natalie Ward said...

You are absolutely incredible... The work your kids produce is amazing.. (adoring fan)

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