Sunday, August 7, 2011


I've seen the hope instilled in a child through art. I've seen their faces light up, their confidence grow, a dream set in their heart in an instant. I've heard story after story from parents about the impact that art has made in the lives of their children.

First and foremost, I always teach that God is the greatest Creator, and we are all created in His image! That is the hope I'm really trying to instill when I teach art classes.There are so many lessons you can teach about God while you're teaching art; how special He made us, how beautiful is His creation that inspires all art, and how God gives us each a gift and a purpose. The students I teach in my little world are blessed; they come from great families; go to top rated schools; and will probably never know what it's like to wake up hungry. But they still need this hope too, and I'm so blessed to be able to share it with them in my private art classes. Here is my dream..... I ran across this video on The Art Project Girl's post. It brought me to tears, and got me sooo excited at the same time! It gave me hope; sparked a dream. Just wanted to share it with you.

I'm praying that someday God will use me to impact those "at risk" children with no hope at all. Praying He will open the doors and light that path. I think there are so many people in the arts that would love to use their talents to bless children in this way! 

I would love to hear how you bless others with your artistic abilities..


Amanda Trought said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, its very easy to forget that the talents and gifts that God has blessed us with are for us to put out into the world to bless and inspire others. Your work is inspiring, and I will pray for your continued grace and inspiration. Amanda

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

Mrs. Skojec said...

Wonderful post! God is indeed the one we turn to for inspiration and all creation comes from Him! Thank you for posting this!

God bless! ~Pam

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