Friday, March 4, 2011

Clay Crosses

I get requests from parents to do this project again because they turn out so cute. I use Crayola air dry clay, clay stamps, metallic acrylic paint and 8 x 10 hardboard canvas board. First we knead the clay to soften, then roll out onto a flat surface to about 1/2 inch thickness. I have the kids draw out their design before hand on paper so they have a general idea of the shape of their cross. I then show the students how to use a toothpick to lightly sketch out their design onto the clay. Then using a clay knife (plastic), I show them how to cut in small sections to get a clean edge. The scrap clay can be used to add the designs on top, but students need to make sure they use the proper technique to attach their decorations. After the clay dries for over 48 hours, we paint and use gorilla glue to attach the cross to our painted canvas board. Tip: I score the backs of the cross to help the glue adhere better to the canvas. Looks great displayed on a stand, or in a frame with the glass removed. This one also makes such a nice gift to give.


Deb B said...

Love this project. I think I'll use it next year for our class auction project. How exactly DO you attach scrap pieces to the crosses? Thanks, Deb

Calling All Sleepyheads said...

Deb-so glad you asked. I thought I had included that in my instructions with previous clay posts but after trying to find it, I realized it's not there. Check out this link and email me if you have any other questions, or if it doesn't make sense. I'm taking a break from posting for lent, but that will be a great post ideas for me to do soon.

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