Monday, December 21, 2009

Aluminum Embossed Christmas Ornaments

Back in the fall, I posted a project on my other blog, , called fall leaves using the Art Emboss Aluminum sheets for the first time. I tried using these again with my kiddos at home today to make some fun ornaments. They were really easy and turned out great. Click HERE to see the post on how I did them and how they turned out. These could be used to do a lesson on shapes, texture or color theory. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!! I'm going to take a break from posting for the holidays so I can enjoy some time with my family-I hope you get time to enjoy yours. I'll see you in January with a bunch of fun, new projects!


Miss Mustard Seed said...

So pretty! What a great project.

Martha Lever said...

Hi!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. That is so funny that you saw her as an angel!! Thank you for mentioning me although I think I missed it. I will go back and check again. I do recommend Jane Des Rosier's class although I really think it is for people who already know how to draw a face. I thought it was wonderful to see how she paints and I think that it will be very beneficial to me. She uses a limited palette of Cer blue, Yellow Ochre, white and Aliz crimson for the face.

I SO enjoyed looking at all the children's art. So colorful and a feast for the eyes. Do you charge for the classes?

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh.... what beautiful projects!! Truly! They are so whimsical and adorable! I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Check out my blog new to the blogging world and would love any feebdack!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

These are great! I am pinning this!

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