Monday, June 20, 2016

Trends in handmade markets.

I've been an artist for about 10 ten years now, painting and selling mostly as a hobby until this year. I've been a fan of handmade gifts and craft fairs as long as I can remember, but in the past few years most of the craft/gifts shows I've been to have left me disappointed. It seems that most booths have a lot of the same items, and they are ones that have a "mass produced" feel, instead of a one-of-a-kind feel. Anyone with me here? 

I live in the craft show mecca, with one of the largest, War Eagle, right here in my own backyard. I always have a wonderful time, and will continue to go every time I can, but the last time I went, I saw a lot of the same things over and over again. Some were the same items I see in the local stores. Of course, I go for the whole experience, but also to seek out those crafters who have put their heart and soul into their pieces-it's the reason I fell in love with craft shows to begin with.

I've even noticed on that on Etsy, a lot of the editors picks or featured items are not pieces that have been truly hand-crafted. Don't get me wrong, I carry prints of my original artwork so that I have a variety of options and price ranges for my customers, but most of my pieces are truly hand made by my hands.

Fortunately, I'm blessed to have wonderful customers who still love to purchase a one-of-a-kind, hand painted work of art. I'm very thankful they continue to make it possible to keep doing what I love to do! 

Every day this week I am adding new art to my shop. All purchases through tomorrow will receive a free gift, and if you sign up for my newsletter you can receive a discount code. My shipping is always on the house! 

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Bicycling in Northwest Arkansas

 I have to say that one of my favorite things to do here in Northwest Arkansas is explore the bike trails. We have had beautiful weather this year and I've about conquered all the trails in the Fayetteville area. From my biking adventures, I have some colorful stories of slithering snakes, flat tires and even one where an interesting character was passed out in the middle of the trail and I was required to call 911.

Tales aside, the scenery is always beautiful and there are so many fun places to stop along the way. One of my favorite destinations is taking the Skull Creek Trail to the Frisco Trail down to Dickson Street. There are a ton a great restaurants to refuel and the ride is simple enough for kids to join in.

My frequent bike rides this year have inspired a new collection of art that will be on display during the month of July at The Red Kite Coffee Company in East Fayetteville. The exhibit is call Bikes, Red White & Blues and Bar-B-Q.  There will be a large selection, and a variety of sizes of mixed media on canvas,  plus a small collection of framed prints. I hope you can bike on over and see my new collection of artwork and enjoy one of their tasty ice cold coffee drinks!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I will be restocking my Etsy Shop soon. To find out how to get a discount code PLUS a FREE gift, sign up for my newsletter at this link.

I promise I don't spam my customers or bombard them with senseless emails. I only send out a newsletter when I offer special discounts, restock my Etsy shop, have upcoming events involving my art or hold workshops or art classes. I would love for you to join my VIP list!

Friday, April 1, 2016

How to start an oil, acrylic or mixed media painting on canvas

Over the years, I've painted in acrylics, oils, collage and mixed media, but I usually always start all my paintings basically the same, regardless of the medium. First, I do a rough sketch in my journal. If I'm struggling, I may draw it small a few times.

If it's a very detailed piece and I'm going really large, I may project my drawing, but most of the time I will just redraw it on to the canvas. Since I've been moving more toward an abstract style for my work, I don't worry as much about everything being "perfect". After all, it's my interpretation of the subject, and if it needed to be perfect, I'd just take a picture instead of painting it :)

Next, I sketch my design onto my canvas and go over my pencil drawing with black paint. After that dries, I cover the canvas with a transparent wash of color, usually orange or bright pink. My next step is to block in the darker colors and show where the main contrast areas will be. Then I start the layering process, saving my gel medium and collage for the top layers.

From this point, I will start to add papers and other types of texture. I use brushes in the beginning, and then when I get to the upper layers, I use a palette knife.

Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak of my process :) I'm working on a new series of paintings and can't wait to show them to you later in the spring. 

I do have prints of this cute little pig in my ETSY SHOP
plus some new prints perfect for Mother's day.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shopping for Unique Gifts-What to buy?

I'm working hard to develop some inspirational gift items from my artwork that are unique and made with love, so that you can give that special school teacher, Sunday school teacher, Bible study leader or best friend. Something to encourage or thank them for their investment in you or your loved ones.

I would love your feedback on what kind of gift items you like to give, and what you like to spend on gifts for special occasions or events like graduation, baptisms, end of the year gifts, etc... 

I know I give a lot of gift cards, but I'm always looking for something to personalize it and make it stand out from all the other gift cards.

What are your favorite gifts to give?

What top four events do you give gifts for every year?

How much do you typically spend on a gift like this?

Do you typically shop ahead of time online or last minute locally?

If you are interested in a 25% instant discount code to my Etsy Shop, you can sign up here for my VIP list. You can use it for your first order on anything already listed in my shop. 
(excludes custom orders or workshops).

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Planners and colorful accessories

Planners seem to be all the rage now. I've noticed lately that Michaels has started carrying a full line of planner accessories. I will say that since I've jumped on the planner bandwagon, it does make the monotony of scheduling more exciting when you get to add more than just appointments and reminders to your calendar.

Washi tapes, stickers, embellishments, fun clips, paint, stitching, stamps, tabs-what are your favorite things to add to your planner? I have a smaller moleskine planner that I keep important dates only, and then I have my larger moleskine planner where I document my prayers, devotionals and other life events. Some weeks I spend more time "decorating" than others, but I do love it looking so pretty :)

I love these fabric clips and use them in my Bible, my planner and as a bookmark. They are great to add as an embellishment to a handmade card or a scrapbook page.

They are available in my Etsy Shop if you would like some to add to your stash.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Easter Basket Stuffers and unique gift ideas

Looking for something besides candy to fill your Easter baskets? Check out my Etsy Shop for some unique goodies. Sign up for my newsletter and receive a coupon code for 20% off for any purchases in my shop this week!

Great gifts for Sunday school teachers, friends, mentors, or your grown children.

These also make good gifts for the end of the school year-custom options available.

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